In late autumn of 2012, a little ice cream company was born in the Spruce Hill Community of West Philadelphia. Inside the kitchen at the Green Line Café, tucked away in a corner, veteran pastry chef Jen Satinsky began Weckerly’s Ice Cream. With careful preparation and reverence for each lovely ingredient, she slowly cooked, steeped, cooled, churned and froze rich French-style ice cream one small batch at a time.

A few years later that corner of a kitchen has grown into a micro creamery. Nestled in a restored textile factory among artists, craftspeople, chefs and bakers, Jen and her husband Andy continue to make ice cream slowly, one batch at a time. Each flavor is inspired by the seasons and crafted with local ingredients from small farms throughout South Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Each week organic cream from grass-fed cows is brought in from Seven Stars Farm in Chester County. Combined with free-range eggs from Sandy Ridge Farm and just enough sugar, this forms the custard base that defines Weckerly’s Ice Cream. Every flavor is built with a unique recipe and is made completely from scratch, never using a pre-made mix. This means that fresh heirloom blueberries can be their brightest; the changing varieties of mint each have their moment to shine; and all the while we never lose touch of the comforting golden cream.

Every batch of Weckerly's Ice Cream is hand made in North Philadelphia at our "micro creamery" in the Globe Dye Works building and available daily at:

9 W. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19123


Jennifer Satinsky

After cooking and creating wonderful desserts in Philadelphia restaurants for over twelve years, Jen decided it was time to focus on her most loved medium – ice cream. Constantly amazed and excited by the nuance of local dairy and produce, she delights in the challenge and reward of creating memorable flavors. Each batch is a reflection of her dedication to local and sustainable food tempered by a love of nostalgic desserts and rustic recipes.

Andy Satinsky

Jen’s fortunate partner in life, business, and the contributor to an occasional recipe, Andy is most often seen at markets and events scooping ice cream. While his culinary experience is scarce Andy brings his loves of communication, connection and sandwiches to the Weckerly’s team.

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